Trackball Controller for XBOX 360®

FPS Controller with Trackball Precision Aim for XBOX 360

"You have to roll it to believe it!"
~ Jay Garcia, Inventor of the SmartJoy FRAG (The first ever Mouse/Keyboard Adapter on any Console)

Our custom built trackball system is primarily for use with first-person shooters, however third-person shooters or any other game with free-look controls such as Gears of War should perform well.

Our advanced trackball system replaces the right thumb stick from an existing OEM wireless Xbox 360 controller with a precision optical trackball that will provide increased speed and accuracy for gamers of every experience level.

Our Trackball Controller provides an intuitive user experience for even the most casual gamers. Even if you have never played a first person shooter with a dual analog controller, you can pick up the Trackball Controller and play with confidence in minutes. Even the most experienced gamers will discover a new level of precision and control with our trackball modification.

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